Hi, I’m Moe (well, Maurice…but please, call me Moe)! I was born and raised in rural central Pennsylvania predominately by a single mom. Growing up, I knew that one day I was going to build something that was larger than myself, at the time I just didn’t know it was going to be a business. I knew I had a business-like mind set at a young age when I wanted to charge people to watch me and 2 of my friends playing football in the backyard. It might sound silly, but hey, it got me started on the path of thinking bigger and outside of the box. I’ve always had an uncanny knack for using my imagination because as a child growing up with learning disabilities in reading and math, along with lacking the ability to concentrate, I had to. As an example, for all my book reports throughout school, I would pick a book with a cover that had a nice picture on it and study the picture, then I would read the summary on the back cover, thumb through the book to find a few of the characters names and with all that information, I could write an entire report.

I didn’t go to college after high school, instead going straight into the workforce. As I worked for 15 years in a manufacturing setting, the thought of building something bigger than myself stuck with me, and if anything, the urge grew stronger. With every passing year, I would try different businesses. I had several vinyl decal businesses and a screen-printing business, I sold promotional products and even was an affiliate for Under Armour. However, it was never as fulfilling as I wanted it to be and it seemed like I was always blending in and having to fight through the noise of the competition. When I began my apparel line, things started to click.

Starting with shirts

In the Spring of 2017, I formed a company called Win Over All which was a clothing line and I thought this was it! The company name meant to overcome and rise above the occasion, and it was to be a brand to help people with mental toughness. I printed a bunch of shirts with custom designs and I rented a shop. I didn’t know how I wanted to build it out but based on my previous business experiences, I knew I wanted something different. While building the shop out one night, my wife and I locked up and walked down the street to a local pizza place. After dinner, I said let’s take a walk down the street. So, in the darkness of the night, we walked a few blocks until we saw the bright glow of the local cinema. I’ve NEVER had a moment in my life that hit me like a ton of bricks like this one. As we walked by, I peered into the cinema and saw the lobby. Something stopped me dead in my tracks. My wife asked, “Are you ok?” After a few seconds, I replied, “That’s it! Movies, cinema, that’s it!” This is where the tagline “Life’s a Movie, Make Highlights” came from. We wanted people to live life like a movie, the only problem was that the shirts that were already printed did not work well with the movie theme, but I knew in my heart that the theme was more important.


I’ve always loved movies and film. Even my dog is named after a movie character! To this day, I quote movies at least 10 times a day. Actually, my all-time favorite TV show was A&E’s Movie Magic. It was a show on how special effects were created on the films people love. After watching this show as a child, my dream was to work in Hollywood as a special effects makeup artist.

The birth of Moxmoe Pictures

Using the Win Over All brand work with a cinema theme in the original shop was working to some degree, because yes, some people were getting “tricked” into thinking it was an actual cinema they were walking into, and I knew that was ok because it at least got people talking. But ultimately, I knew I had to come up with a better name to make it all work together better. I went ahead and attempted to trademark ‘Moetion Pictures’ as a play on my nickname. After many months and tons of money later, I was told that I couldn’t trademark the name because someone else had it even though the spelling was different. I was devastated, but I wasn’t giving up. After several, and I mean several, weeks of constantly trying to develop a name that was different yet fit what I was trying to build, I was ready to almost give up. Nothing was working, or if it did, it was taken. As I’m sitting in my office chair, my dog Mox walks in, excited as always, and lays down on her rug in my office. You can tell she didn’t have a care in the world and as mad and frustrated as I was, that goober made me smile. In fact, the fun we had together could always be the highlight of my day. I leaned back and asked her “Well Mox, do you have any ideas because it’s just you and I at this?” About that time, my wife called me from work to ask how things were going and I told her they weren’t going well. As a joke, I said,

“Maybe I’ll just call it Moxmoe Pictures.”

There was a pause and she said “I like that, and it will make sense once people know about the name connection. I’ll bet a lot of people will relate to the name with the connection between them and their pet.”

From clothes to Sandwiches

I knew that the Moxmoe Pictures clothing line would be a hit but I wanted to start in an industry we had experience in, which was food. My family has owned restaurants and has worked in the food industry most of their lives, and my wife has a food science degree and has worked in food manufacturing for over 20 years. At one point, my wife and I owned a BBQ restaurant which was wildly successful, but everything from the prep to cooking to all the intricacies of a full-service restaurant were just overwhelming and, quite honestly, intimidating to me. Sandwiches weren’t intimidating to me and to be honest, it’s where my passion was – a themed-out sandwich shop that’s all about treating people like celebrities, so this is where Moxmoe Pictures Famous Sandwiches was born. It was a simple menu concept that would allow us to share the bigger idea of the brand, which is making a difference in people lives. It’s understood that people already know what subs are, it would be my job to explain the brand once they get inside the door.


What is Moxmoe Pictures?

Plain and simple, we are a brand thats all about the everyday person. From our unique atmosphere and branding theme to our mission to give back, we love building products that help people create meaningful memories in their life by doing what they love to do. We all have things that make us happy, whether it’s our hobbies, careers, pets, family, friends, and whatever it is, Moxmoe Pictures is here to celebrate those things!


Why are they famous?

Our fresh sliced, fresh grilled subs are named after people and the things they like to do. We feel that by doing this, it treats our characters (customers) like celebrities.


The logo

Our logo is a simplistic blank film strip frame. The blank frame is a reminder to our characters (customers) to fill the picture up with memories.

The future

My vision for the brand is to be a fun, yet purpose driven lifestyle brand. I feel that the products we develop in combination with our style can help solve people’s problems and bring smiles to them. Like any good film or important event, you always seem to remember the highlights, and that’s what we’re doing at Moxmoe Pictures – creating products to help you enjoy the things your love to do so you can remember the good times and important moments in your movie called life.


Our Mission

To help people make highlights through the power of our products. Life’s a movie, make highlights. 

Our Vision

To be a lifestyle brand that touches people’s lives in a variety of areas. To help and encourage people to make highlights in their movie called life. To be a leading giver to people who need it due to various life circumstances, using the things that make them the happiest. 

What We Do

As the busy world requires more and more of your attention, making time to do the things you love to do and to find a quick healthier meal can be a real struggle. At Moxmoe Pictures Famous Sandwiches, we make sandwiches that can be enjoyed at work, home, or play so you can spend more time doing the things you love all the while making a difference in someone’s life.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday 11am - 8pm and Closed Sunday


222 8th St • Huntingdon PA 16652